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Cosplay Contacts

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Cosplay colored contacts,we will made the role vivid.

As one cosplay fan, I deeply feel how important it is to choose one right cosplay colored contacts.when we cosplay,not only we need to select clothes and makeup carefully,but we also should consider our pupil color.Without some special,scary or crazy color contacts,how can we play this role vivid and perfect? 

So one significant questions occur, how can we choose one suit and perfect colored contact lenses cosplay?Look following, I believe you will find answer.

4 Important Ways to Choose Suit Cosplay Contacts

1. Usually, we will find 2 styles cosplay colored lenses, one is the other common circle lenses also with different color,they're more used in daily life to enlarge our eyes and promote personal image.And the other one is these specialized cosplay coloured lenses, with particular figures that made you play various character roles. Such as vampire red eye contacts, zombie anime contacts, ciel cosplay contacts and so on, just like above we recommend for you. Visit here to know the other ttdeye color eye contacts.

2. For colored contacts degree,there are also 2 kinds,they are prescription colored contact cosplay and non prescription.According to you own needs,you can choose these freely.

One important point,the degree of glass and colored contacts for cosplay is different.You can look your contact lens exam to find these degree.

We also mention eye exam in our blog, see 3 important things for eye exam to know. 

3. Then we should choose appropriate cosplay contacts color on the basis of the figure you want play. Such as blood red, mystery purple or gloomy black. So far, TTDeye offers you 40+ specified cosplay colored contact lenses, which hold high quality and high color rendition.

If you don't find your loved colored cosplay contacts here,we also have the other different styles, visit  all cosplay series contact to choose your favorites. 

4. As one of contact lenses,cosplay colored lenses can also be divided into 4 types according to wear period, they are daily contact lens, monthly circle lenses and yearly coloured contact cosplay. So far, all ttdeye's cosplay contact lenses are yearly lenses.

With silicone hydrogel materials,hold high water content and oxygen permeability, TTDeye's cosplay colored contacts will bring you comfortable feeling and vivid figure.


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