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4 Important Tips You Don’t Know About Fronzen Contacts(2019)

February 11, 2019 5 min read

4 Important Tips You Don’t Know About Fronzen Contacts(2019)

Gorgeous dress, here.

Attractive bag, yes.

Charming makeup, ready!

However, the moment I saw the frozen colored contacts, I have Meng of the whole person, do I have to wear frame glasses for this long-awaited date? No, I refuse. If so, how do I show my beautiful big eyes?

What should I do?

Frozen color contact lenses

Don’t worry, it’s normal. All you need to do is deal with it correctly, then you can wear them safety and health.

Based on my 3 years contact lenses experiences, I will share you with the most comprehensive guidelines to deal with contact lenses color frozen in winter. 

I will divide this post into 4 parts.

1. First, 6 Tips About Contacts Frozen

2. Second, 3 Wrong Opinion About Lenses Frozen

3. Third, 3 Tips of Wearing Lenses in Winter

4. Forth, 3 Situation Shouldn't Wear Contacts 

First, let's begin from the most important, also most of our users' concern, what should we do when contacts freeze in cold weather?

I want to tell you when finding contact lenses freeze, don't worry, it's normal in cold weather.

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6 Necessary Things You Can Do When Lens Frozen

1. Put on your colored lenses at room temperature, then all you need to do is waiting for contact lenses natural thawing.
2. Don't open contact lenses package before freezing.
3. Don't artificial heating contact lenses, such as put them on a radiator.
4. Don't pour hot water on it.
5. Before your colored contacts freezing totally, don't shake lenses packages, in case ice scraps cut the lens.
6. After freezing, just soaking in a professional care solution.

In a word, instead of freezing your colored contact artificial, you just need to put the contact lenses on room temperature and waiting for them freezing.

When seeing color contact lenses freezing, there will appear another new question, also many people will ask if these contact lenses can wear or not, if these freezing color contact lenses are safe? 

Yes, I'm sure these color eye contacts after defrosting are safe and healthy if the packages are still well. 

In fact, the freeze is just one physical phenomenon, not a chemical phenomenon. There haven't other conditions besides the lens is frozen.

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Can We Wear Contacts in Cold Temperature?

Some of us live in extremely cold areas, other thoughts may come across in our mind. Can we wear contacts at a cold temperature? Will they freeze in our eyes when we are wearing them?

As for the first question, the answer is yes. And the second is no because the contacts are kept warm by the temperature of our cornea and tears. The temperature of the normal body is about 37, so as the temperature of the cornea and tears, that is, the contacts are warm enough even when it’s -12℃ outside. So yes, of course, you can wear contacts in cold temperatures.

Are they useful? Keep reading and you’ll get more.

3 False Opinions About Color Contact Frozen

1.Frozen Contacts Contain Germ

In order to meet a quality requirement and facilitate transport, all color contacts are vacuum-packed, which haven't any condition to produce germ, so it's totally wrong when you think these frozen lenses contain the germ.

2. Frozen Color Lenses are Distorted

Using the material of silicone hydrogel, TTDeye colored contact lenses are soft enough.  Moreover, they are protected by good packing, which couldn’t be distorted under normal conditions of transport even in cold weather. 

3. Frozen Colored Lens Can Generate Protein

On the one hand, just because the weather is so cold and temperature below zero degrees, the contact lenses are frozen, we can think, is the protein can be breed under this state?

On the other hand, only by the color contacts are frozen, how can they produce protein?

Based on these two aspects above, so it's totally wrong when someone said that the frozen colored contact lenses are generated protein.

Now, you will know several details about these frozen eye contact lenses color. But I still consider, in order to wear all color contacts correctly in winter, you also need to know this information below. 

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Wear Contacts in Winter-3  Important Things You Need to Know

For so many girls, of course, including me, we chase prettier even in winter. Colorful contact lenses are a must for us.

However, due to cold weather and big wind, there are also 3 essential tips we should know when wearing contact lenses.

1. The Most Important is Moisturizing

During dry winter weather, the dry eyes syndrome are more taken place. Usually, the human body can feel dry easily in winter than summer, especially outside a room, the high airflow can speed up tear evaporation and take away eye moisture, which creates our eyes dry.

So it's totally important to moisture our eyes when wearing color contact lenses in winter.

Besides using specific eye drops, you'd better don't wear colored lenses for a long time, commonly, not more than 8 hours in winter.

2. Notice Color Contacts' Clean

Also due to dry weather in winter, some villus and protein can easily stick to the lens. If there has big wind outside, contact lenses are also easily adhered to some particle-like as dust.

During this time, we have to remove our color contacts off and clean it thoroughly, don't rub eyes at the same time.

PS: You'd better don't wear contact lenses in the hazy day, if you have to, just clean color contacts frequently.

3. Other Common Things Occur in Winter

Because of the big temperature between eye inside and outside, the moment you wear color contacts, sometimes, there may have some bubbles between lens and cornea, which will make you feel blurred vision.

Under this condition, you should close your eyes and rolling your eyes softly and exhaust the air slowly, making the color lens cover your cornea perfectly.

I always thought everyone should be pretty and energetic to face a new day in our life, it's no doubt that wear types of color contacts can bring us charming eyes and enough confident. 

However, on the other hand, I also advise you'd better don't wear eye lenses color under these 3 conditions. 

3 Situations Don't Wear Color Contacts

1. Strong Wind and Dust Storm

Usually, during these situations, airflow will speed up, these dust among air will make our color lens dirty soon. What's worse, the lens may be blown off by the wind.

You'd better don't put on color contacts. If have to, I suggest you can add one pair of wind goggles.

Once feel any foreign sensation in your eyes, you should remove color contacts off and clean them.

2.Hazy Day

In the hazy day, besides micro dust may stick to the lens, due to low air temperature in this weather, wear color contacts in this situation may result in our eyes lack of oxygen and appears red, an urticant phenomenon

3.Have a Cold

You'd better don't wear color contacts when having a cold. Because of this period, our body is weakened immunity and doesn't hold a good state.

If wearing color contacts this term, may you feel dizzy and sick.

Ok, that's all I want to share you today. From another aspect, winter is also good, which means you have the chance to have a look at these beautiful snows while most of the others don't. 

So if meet these, just enjoy it. However, be sure to remember these significant points I mentioned above to protect our eyes when seeking beauty. 

If you have another different opinion, you can leave comments to let me know. If you think this post is useful for you, just share it with your friends or social media to help others. 

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